Takeover this (funded) Communications Company

Sector: PR, Media & Marketing

Location: UK

Funding Available: Yes

Note: This business has been reviewed by our financial team in terms of viability and funding potential. To learn more about the opportunity to acquire this business with (if required) funding managed by Nudge, please schedule a call with Jamie Sylvian.


100% ownership of a UK based PR, Media & Marketing Company.


Jamie Sylvian

Jamie Sylvian / London

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Company Description

  1. The Company is a well-established and highly reputable marketing agency specialising in personal direct communication services, helping clients who manufacture laboratory instruments for the life science industry to develop and manage a sales pipeline. This process involves extensive data profiling and the acquisition of market intelligence.
  2. The Company is the leading organisation within this highly niche sector, providing its services for eight of the top twenty market-leading organisations within the sector; which totals approximately $50bn in worldwide revenue, including the top two companies.
  3. In the analytical instruments sector, the company has developed a methodology that enables any client to run a programme of direct customer contact in any part of the world, in almost any language, promoting any technology, regardless of the client’s own infrastructure or experience, and guaranteeing a successful outcome.
  4. The Company employs approximately 50 members of staff, this is a mix of temporary and permanent contracts.

Products & Services

  1. Utilising a well educated and multi-lingual team and a highly experienced management team, the Company provides a specialist service in personal direct communication, delivering high quality calls on behalf of its clients to identify relevant personnel and generate sales leads.
  2. The Company has built and maintained a proprietary list of worldwide private and academic organisations, also establishing a comprehensive understanding of relevant techniques and equipment used within the life and material sciences sector, enabling the effective and professional delivery of its offering.
  3. The Company’s leading service accounts for over 40% of it’s turnover. This service is provided on a contractual, ongoing basis.


  1. Operating with an international blue chip base in the life sciences industry, the Company has established a strong presence within its key operational markets, which are as follows:
    1. Analytical instruments used in Biological and Life Science Laboratories
    2. Chemical analysis, laboratory and testing instruments used in Industrial R&D
  2. The Company has worked with over 40 US and European multi-national corporations. Presently working with 20 clients on a regular basis, approx 75% of the Company’s turnover is invoiced to non-UK based clients.

Financial & Funding Overview

Overview of the finances required to successfully take over the ownership of this business.

  • In 2016 the business has a turnover of £1.78m
  • The EBITDA 2016 is £481k
  • Net Income 2014 £126k
  • Net Income 2015 £206k
  • Net Income 2016 £319k
  • Net Income 2017 (forecast) £443k
  • Potential cash flow funding of up to £740k
  • Potential receivables funding of £267k

Year on year the company has consistently increased sales revenue whilst increasing gross profit margins and maintaining a steady 25%+ operating profit margin. With Forecasts of 35% increase in sales revenue in 2017 the company continues its growth pattern and continues to have a strong cash flow making this business favourable for acquisition by Nudge.

Essential Information

Asking Price: Offers

Nudge Valuation Range: £1.06m – £1.66m

Legal Status: UK Limited Company

Share Percentage for Sale: 100%

Current Location: Northern England

Employees: 50

2nd Tier Management:Yes

Based on a purchase price of £1.45m

Due at closing = 25%-50% £363k – £725K
Deferred payments = £725k – £1.08m over 4 years

Total funding required = £529k – £892k

Repayment over 3 years
Funding against receivables £267k. As at 6th June 17 trade receivables £372k
Funding against cash-flow/profit £262k(based on 25% at closing) £625k (based on 50% at closing).

Note: The red boxed area on the chart relates to the most likely price range acceptable based on our research and calculations

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Deal Flow Manager


Hey, I’m Jennie. My official title is Deal Flow and Operations Manager, but around here they call me The Queen of Everything! – Working out of our ‘Office in the Mountains’ in the All Seasons Mountain Resort of Bansko, Bulgaria, I keep the wheels rolling at Nudge, making sure deals our team are working on are going through, which means liaising constantly with company owners, business sellers, brokers, financiers, lawyers and accountants. I’m also responsible for managing the deal flow for Nudge partners and taking care of our team, currently spread across four countries. I’m based in our Bulgaria office but you can connect with me using the London number. When I’m not at work, I’m a keen cook and crochet demon. When I’m feeling a bit more energetic, you’ll find me up in the mountains, less than 5 minutes from our office (it’s an awesome view from my desk!) as I’m a pretty good road cyclist (Summer) and skier in the winter. Oh and most importantly, I cook a mean shepherd’s pie.


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Hi, I’m Nicola. I am the finance strategist here at Nudge, otherwise known as the numbers ninja. As a (UK trained) accountant, I’ve been in finance for over 10 years. At Nudge I take care of deal analysis and funding strategy. From my base in the amazing Philippines, I work with accountants and brokers to ascertain values and then connect with funders to create funding structures for business acquisition.
In my spare time, I am an avid traveller, so much so that I spend half the year working out of Asia. I am also a keen snowboarder when I can get to our mountain office in Bulgaria every winter. Oh and I like long walks on sandy beaches, but then who doesn’t?… You can connect with me through our London office by phone, through a conference call and of course, by email.


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Under that swish looking cap is me, Jamie Sylvian. For 25+ Years I have worked in the marketing and comms world, helping businesses in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia launch and develop sales and marketing strategies. My role has been to dream up, test, adjust and roll out new strategies. Some failed of course, but enough succeeded in developing new businesses, new product lines and new services for me to make a name as a ‘go to’ strategist and communications writer for companies like Haymarket publishers, Civil Service Magazine, PR Week, Casey Research, and Campaign as well as hundreds of SME’s in the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA. A 25+ year journey of ideas and strategies.

In 1998 I was the joint-founder of Sira Utilities the company that became Uswitch.com, sold for £200,000,000 in 2006. After that I spent 19 years as a consultant and growth strategist, living in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and in Europe, London, Spain and Sofia, writing (my passion) sales and marketing campaigns for my own agency, travelling, investing passively and enjoying life’s great adventure.

As a Creative Director at my agency (www.nudge.agency) I have worked for some of the world’s largest publishers and gaming companies and I write sales copy for Campaign Magazine which is the iconic trade publication for the creative industry (i.e over 70,000 of my competitors read my work every time I write a campaign) and my work also relaunched Civil Service World Magazine in London 2016. I have written copy and marketing campaigns producing over 300 Million Dollars worth of product sales.

In the M&A space, I have merged my passion for the creative process with a dedication and mission to help build creative portfolios for Nudge clients. I have put together a team to get the job done. (more here)


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Hey, I’m Ciara, I’m the Managing Director of Bluenote Ltd, Nudge parent company. My role is to oversee the entire nudge business, overseeing project flow at our agency and deal flow at Nudge M&A. My thing is organisations, spreadsheets, calendars, that kind of thing. Hobbies, biking, salsa dancing, travelling and skiing. I also take care of our charitable events, like the Bansko Ball every Christmas and I’m the Chairwoman at Sunflower, a charity sponsored by Nudge near our offices in Bulgaria.


telephone:+359 (0) 890 311 637