Supercharge Your Agency Growth

“Take a look at our hyper-growth strategy to help you build shareholder value and personal wealth”…

So, how big is your vision? – Maybe you are thinking of acquiring one more business that will help consolidate your position in the sector. To give you farther reach and wider service offers. That’s a plan. It makes sense.
Or maybe you’re thinking bigger? – Building a group of businesses.

Acquisition is the Single Biggest Driver of SME Wealth Creation

The thing about building a group of synergistic companies, that can cross-sell and upsell to each other’s customers, is that as you grow, larger acquisitions become easier to achieve.
The increase in turnover helps the next funding round. So too does the economy of scale. Suppose for a moment that you have a 5 year plan to build a groups of six businesses. Excluding you, there were five MD’s, five FD’s and the same number of Business Development Managers across the group. Now, after consolidation, you need one of each. That saving alone can run into hundreds of thousands and that money drops straight to the bottom line, increasing the value of the group.

Let’s say that by consolidating roles in the MD and FD head count you save £300,000. That’s £300,000 extra profit. When you come to sell your group at say 5X earnings that £300K adds £1.5M to the value of the business.

That’s just the management team. Consolidation in other areas of the business will allow further economies of scale and further shareholder cash value when you sell.
This is a strategy for hyper-growth. With the Nudge team beside you, you move from being a single business owner to the power of scale, the power of the group. As turnover rises and costs reduce, funding becomes easier. The funders we put in place for deal one follow you through the process. they learn about you, your goals and achievements. They trust you. That counts for a lot.
Once you have reached a certain point, you can take the company public. What does that mean?…
  • Sell Stock in Your Company

    Now you can decide to sell shares in the business, when and how much you want, is up to you, to raise further funds for the business, for you or for your shareholders.

  • Build a world class management team

    The best want to work for the best. Now you can attract and incentivise the best in your sector with stock options. The bigger they help you grow, the more they earn.

    Acquire Competitors, Start an Acquisition Strategy

    The PLC can create new stock in the listed vehicle to help you acquire competitors, suppliers, customers basically anywhere in your vertical where you work already and where you identify an opportunity to make “ one plus one equal three “ in terms of business growth and profitability.

    “In short, you can have your own acquisition programme buying up competitors, suppliers and companies that help you grow…and financing is no longer an issue”

    Sounds cool, but how do I do it?

    That’s where we come in. Think of us as your acquisitions team, your ‘go to’ Advisors, Accountants, Financiers and Deal Flow Managers, constantly bringing you acquisition opportunities that are already reviewed and analysed by us. We’ll know your dream deal specification, the kind of businesses you are looking for. Our job is to find the deal, talk to the owners, work out the numbers, find the funders and close the deal with you.
    Fees? – We charge a monthly retainer fee to become your team.
    £3667 +VAT. As a success fee we charge 5.4% of the funding we bring in to buy the business. That means your risks are low and you also (importantly) have the right to disengage our services at any time, no penalty.
    Interested in talking this through? – Book a call with Nudge Founder Jamie Sylvian here. On the call (around 20 minutes) you’ll learn about his experience in the creative sector, his story of being a joint founder of a company that sold for £200M and of course about Nudge M&A. From our end, we’ll learn about you and your goals and if we can help you achieve them.
    The call will be an overview of your ambitions. To get acquainted, to ask questions and ensure there’s a fit in the way we do things at Nudge to help you build your business group.
    Shall we get started? – +44 (0)203 865 8187

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