How to Find, Fund and Build a World Class Business Group.

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“So, exactly how do you grow your agency by X2, X3, …5X in the next three to five years? ”

Most of our enquiries, emails, meetings and conference calls are with Directors and CEO’s. Business owners who, like you, spend a heck of a lot of time tackling the tricky question of business growth. Of course, you have already tried the one new client at a time approach, and maybe you’re still thinking that’s the only way.

We think there’s a much faster way to accelerate your business growth. here’s here’s our take on it.There are two roads to growth. You can try building it one customer at a time (that’s what your competitors are doing).

Or, if you are in a hurry, you could set up a team to help you acquire other businesses to ‘fill the gaps’. They could go out there and look for businesses that you could buy.

To do that, you simply hire and train up a researcher (£28K a year), an analyst (£36K a year), an accountant (£55K a year), a deal-flow manager (£42K a year), add a funding strategist (£70K a year + bonuses) and a truly kick- ass negotiator with 25 years in the creative sector (priceless) and you get started.

Hmmm…Risky. Slow. Pricey.
Recruiting, interviewing, selecting, on-boarding… you know the drill. Also of course, this is a whole new focus, far from your experiences of running an agency. Acquisition can be tricky, time consuming and takes a lot of focus. If acquisition is all you do and the business you have right now runs itself, well that could work.

If not, think about this affordable alternative…With one phone call, you can hire an entire team of Creative Sector acquisition specialists, dedicated to finding and funding acquisitions for you.
Focused solely on the creative sector, we’ll work beside you for the next 3-5 years of exponential business growth (you can stop at anytime, but why would you?) for less than the price of a decent Agency Account Manager.

There’s more…

With Nudge, you don’t pay holidays, insurances or pensions. You don’t deal with sick pay or maternity leave. No recruiting headaches, no on-boarding, no floor space, no dramas.

Nope, you swap all that for a team of creative sector M&A specialists. led by a CEO level creative industry professional who joint-founded a £200m marketing agency, digging deep to find and fund your next acquisition.

Add to that the ‘dive deep’ strategy conference calls, our face to face meetings, our tailored consultancy and one-on-one strategy calls (or just to chat) when you need them, with our negotiating and funding team.

“Your dedicated Creative Sector M&A team,
for one fixed price each month
and a success fee on every deal we bring home”

Think about it.

There are a LOT of moving parts in an acquisition. And like anything in business, these deals go really well…until they don’t… and when that happens, when you should be focused on running your existing businesses, you’re left juggling a dozen other balls at the same time instead.

With Nudge, you swap hours of research and mind numbing number crunching for a short report with a list of companies that fit your criteria. You choose the ones to pursue and we’ll help you bring them home.

Also (and this is important), we work with you at your level, Director, CEO, Founder. When it’s time to get things done, that makes a difference. Our Founder has run, advised and developed strategies for companies across the world.

“So, what if every opportunity from today onwards was as close to your dream deal as it could be. Everything else, all the non-starters and lemons… were discarded before you even got sight of them? Jamie Sylvian, Founder at Nudge

Why do it this way? – Well, first, you could stay focused on your existing business.There’s no point driving your brand forward when everything behind you is falling apart, right?

Next you would look at far more acquisition opportunities much more deeply, because you would only see the ones that have been found by our researchers, verified by our Deal Flow team, the numbers checked by our finance team, and the viability of funding analysed by our funding partners.

For the next 3-5 years, we would become your acquisitions departnent. An entirely outsourced team of professionals who will find, fund and acquire businesses that will grow your brand exponentially.

An affordable option Your own acquisitions team with a deep understanding of your business, your plans, your dreams.

The cost per month is £3667+VAT. The success fee is 5.4% of the acquisition deal value and the terms are 3 monthly. We try to keep things simple.

Success fees are built into the funding and only due when the deal is done and you own the new business. To you it means that you only pay us when your funding is delivered. So no worries on cashflow.

And yes you can cancel anytime, with the understanding that we can only work with a few businesses at one time. So if you do cancel, getting back on board might not be viable.

“We’ll connect every deal to the best finance option for you. We work closely with a number of lenders because every deal is different. We’ll present your options, you make the decisions, you are in control” Jamie Sylvian, Founder at Nudge
So, what do you think…Worth a call?

Well, just before you click through and book a call with our Founder (and the rest of the team if that works for you) take a look at how quickly consolidation will supercharge your exit plan.
Let’s say that by consolidating the MD and FD head count when you take on your new business you save £150,000. That’s £150,000 extra profit. To you, it means that when you come to sell your group at say 5X earnings that £150K adds £750,000 to the value of the business. That’s pure profit.

That’s just the management team. Consolidation in other areas of the business will allow further economies of scale and further shareholder cash value when you sell.

The thing about building a group of synergistic companies, that can cross-sell and upsell to each other’s customers, is that as you grow, larger acquisitions become easier to achieve.

This might be right for you, it might not. Finding out is quick, it’s easy and it’s free. Let’s set up a call.

The call will be an overview of your ambitions. To get acquainted, to ask questions and ensure there’s a fit in the way we do things at Nudge to help you build your business group.

Shall we book in a call and see where it takes us?

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Jennie<br> General Manager

General Manager

General Enquiries

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Jamie – Founder, London

Jamie – Founder, London


Jamie has been in the creative sector for 23+ years. He was joint-founder of a £200M UK Marketing company.

Nicola Morgan<br>Finance Manager

Nicola Morgan
Finance Manager

Financial Enquiries

I'm Nicola a UK trained and qualified accountant. I take care of the numbers, P&L, Cashflow, Funding structures and due diligence

Ciara – MD

Ciara – MD


I'm the MD at Bluenote Ltd, our Bulgaria company, taking care of business in Europe and also in charge of overall business operations.

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