The Brexit Option (a new ‘virtual’ company in 10% tax rate Bulgaria)

“at 10%, Bulgaria has
Europe’s Lowest Corporation Tax”

Where Better to Set Up Your Post Brexit European Base?

“Bulgaria offers a young, highly skilled and dynamic workforce with superb english language abilities.
It has affordable offices, factories and warehouses and easy access to all of mainland europe,
In your post Brexit world Bulgaria can be your access to the entire EU”

The trouble with Brexit, we just don’t know what will happen. Opportunity or disaster. Right now, who knows.
For business though, there will be big changes. Time for a ‘Plan B’. Of course, some companies will sit tight, do nothing, hold their breath, maybe pray a little.
But Brexit can also be a catalyst for your business to look at setting up a separate base in Europe, to avoid the duties, taxes and red tape that just might be heading your way over the next couple of years and beyond.

My suggestion? – Take a closer look at Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has experienced rapid economic growth in recent years reaching estimated gross domestic product of $143.1 billion (2016 est.), GDP per capita of $20,116 (2016 est.), and an average monthly gross salary of 517 EUR (December, 2016), but don’t get too excited, you’ll pay more for the top talent, but english speaking, highly trained staff are here, and they are a young, ambitious workforce.
Setting up a base here has real benefits. It puts you right back into the European market. Bulgaria has excellent infrastructure, road, rail and airports. Your management team can hop on affordable Easyjet and RyanAir flights and be in Sofia, the Capital of Bulgaria in a couple of hours.

10% Corporation Tax. 10% Flat Income tax and a stable economy..

We’re Bluenote Consulting. We have been here since 2004 and as English first language speakers, we work with companies looking to relocate or add a European office in Bulgaria to ensure continuing access to the EU market post Brexit.
If you need an Executive level Director with impeccable credentials to help steer your new operation, our Founder Jamie Sylvian acts as Exec and Non- Exec Director role. Brought up in the UK but of Irish nationality, Jamie is still very much an ‘EU’ citizen but with a Uk work ethic. Jamie was a Joint Founder of the company that rebranded as and was sold in 2006 for £200M – So, If you’re looking at an acquisition, we can help there, too. Call Jamie Sylvian today to see if Bulgaria could be the answer to your post Brexit challenges.

“We have to plan for a scenario where there is no U.K.-EU passporting deal, and we have to move a substantial portion of our business to continue serving our European clients” Source BloombergDaniel Pinto - JPMorgan Chase Bank -

We’ll help you set up in Bulgaria

1We've been here since 2004, so you can be sure we know the ins and outs, good and bad of creating a european company in Bulgaria.With a fully bi-lingual team of English and Native Bulgarians we'll guide you through the process to set up in the EU's lowest Tax jurisdiction.

2 We have trusted company formation agents, Lawyers, Accountants and property specialists on hand to offer you qualified advice and suggestions on your set up. Give us a call today to see if Europe could be your answer to the challenges UK businesses face with Brexit.

3Our style of consultancy is as 'problem solvers' we'll work with you to come up with strategy, help with connections and professional advisors. Let's talk through your challenges today and discover if Bulgaria could be your perfect european base. Low tax, high skills, excellent infrastructure and airport links. What's not to look at?

Buy Side M&A in Bulgaria

“Access to the European market will change after Brexit/
Buying a business now (before the rush) is your faster, easier way to
secure your place in the European Market”…

If you’re looking for a ‘post Brexit’ option,
setting up in Bulgaria is fast, straightforward and offers you the lowest cost base in Europe

“The right way to think about this, this is like buying an insurance policy, you hope you’re not going to have to use it, but if you do, you’re pleased you’ve got it in place.” Source Goldman Sachs bankRichard Gnodde - Co-head of investment banking

How we work.

1You know your business, we know how to buy a brand new 'add-on' opportunity. Through our worldwide contacts in the business world we identify businesses that might not be actively advertised as 'FOR SALE' but for the right deal can be acquired for you. We aim to be your guide through the entire process for an affordable, fair fee.

2 We are your advisors, available anytime to discuss the process of acquisition. We'll work with you to attend meetings, negotiate with owners, advisors, lawyers and brokers. We'll set out a viable, affordable funding strategy and lay out the options for you. We'll be right there with you until you take control of your new acquisition.

3To start the conversation and find out if acquisition is a viable way to grow your business, contact our team. In a no obligation call, we'll talk you through the options open to you, the way we help find the acquisition, our role in your growth and the fees you can expect.


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